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Assam and North East INDIA

The northeastern region of India boasts eight states, each adorned with breathtaking natural beauty, a refreshing climate, diverse biodiversity, rare wildlife, historical marvels, unique cultural heritage, and warm, hospitable communities. This enchanting region provides unforgettable experiences for a wide range of tourists, from those seeking encounters with wildlife to enthusiasts of religious, cultural, and ethnic exploration. River cruises, golfing getaways, and a plethora of other activities are also on offer. Additionally, the area presents ample opportunities for mountaineering, trekking, and adventurous escapades.

The northeastern part of India plays host to numerous wildlife sanctuaries, among which are renowned names such as Kaziranga National Park, celebrated for its population of the one-horned rhinoceros. Other sanctuaries like Manas National Park, Nameri, Orang, and Dibru Saikhowa in Assam, Namdhapha in Arunachal Pradesh, Balpakram in Meghalaya, Keibul Namjao in Manipur, Intanki in Nagaland, and Khangchendzonga in Sikkim contribute to the region’s rich biodiversity.

The majestic Brahmaputra River gracefully winds its way through Assam, offering memorable opportunities for river cruises, while the rivers of Arunachal Pradesh, which flow into the Brahmaputra, provide exhilarating experiences for white-water rafting enthusiasts.

For more detailed information, interested individuals can explore the official Assam Tourism website, which offers comprehensive insights into the diverse range of attractions and activities available in the region.

Nearby Tourist Attractions

Majuli River Island

Nestled within the meandering embrace of the Brahmaputra River in Assam, Majuli emerges as a captivating gem among India’s tourist destinations. This river island, the world’s largest of its kind, offers a mesmerizing tableau of cultural richness, natural splendor, and spiritual allure. Majuli is a sanctuary for those seeking respite from the bustle of modern life, with its serene landscapes, fertile farmlands, and tranquil villages. The island’s ethereal beauty is heightened by its cultural treasures, as it serves as a repository of the vibrant Assamese heritage. Majuli showcases the essence of Assam’s artistic traditions through its indigenous art forms, including intricate mask-making, handloom weaving, and classical dance performances. (Distance via Road: 105 km)

Majuli (Photo: Wallpaperflare)

Majuli stands as the epicenter of Sattriya culture, with Sattriya dance holding the distinguished honor of being recognized as one of the foremost among India’s eight principal classical dance forms. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)


The picturesque landscapes of Arunachal Pradesh (Lower Subansiri District), Ziro stands as an enchanting haven for travelers seeking an authentic and serene getaway. This tranquil town is renowned for its awe-inspiring beauty, characterized by lush green valleys, rolling hills, and charming rice fields. Ziro captures the hearts of adventurers and culture enthusiasts alike, offering a glimpse into the traditional lifestyle of the Apatani tribe, known for their unique practices and intricate terraced farming methods. The mesmerizing Pine Grove, with its towering pine trees, provides a serene space for relaxation and introspection. The Apatani villages exude an old-world charm, where travelers can engage with warm-hearted locals and explore the cultural nuances of their indigenous way of life. The Ziro Music Festival, a celebration of indie music set against the backdrop of the stunning Ziro Valley, draws music aficionados from around the world. With its blend of natural beauty, cultural diversity, and artistic spirit, Ziro stands as a testament to the untouched allure of Arunachal Pradesh. (Distance via Road: 111 km)

Ziro Valley (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Rice Fields of Ziro Valley (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Bogibeel Bridge and River Cruise

Embarking on a river cruise along the majestic Brahmaputra River is an experience that unveils the soul of India’s northeastern landscapes. From the comfort of the cruise, passengers are treated to panoramic views of untouched natural beauty, where the serene flow of the river and the backdrop of rolling hills create a captivating tapestry. Whether indulging in relaxation, photography, or cultural immersion, a Brahmaputra River cruise promises an unforgettable voyage through the heart of northeastern India’s unparalleled allure. (Distance via Road: 112 km)

The Mighty Brahmaputra and the Bogibeel Bridge (Photo: SPARK 2023)

River Cruise at the Brahmaputra River (Photo: SPARK 2023)


Nestled in the heart of Arunachal Pradesh, Pasighat proudly stands as the oldest town in the state, its history tracing back to its foundation by the British in 1911 A.D. This charming town holds not only a historical significance but also serves as a gateway to the pristine natural beauty of the region. The Brahmaputra River, a life-giving force, emerges gracefully from the foothills of Pasighat, known by the names Dihang or Siang. The town’s scenic landscapes, surrounded by hills and water bodies, offer a serene retreat for those seeking tranquility. Pasighat is a living testament to the harmonious coexistence of history, culture, and nature, inviting travelers to unravel its stories and relish the beauty that unfolds at every turn. (Distance via Road: 195 km)

The Pristine Pasighat (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Kaziranga National Park

Enveloped within the verdant landscapes of Assam, Kaziranga National Park stands as a revered World Heritage Site, embodying the incredible biodiversity and magnificence of the region. Renowned as a sanctuary for wildlife, it proudly hosts a remarkable two-thirds of the world’s Great One-horned rhinoceros population. Moreover, it boasts the highest density of tigers among protected areas worldwide, earning its distinction as a Tiger Reserve in 2006. The park’s boundaries embrace a vibrant ecosystem, where large breeding populations of elephants, wild water buffalo, and swamp deer thrive harmoniously. Kaziranga’s diverse and flourishing habitats create an unparalleled haven for a multitude of species, making it a testament to India’s commitment to conservation and a true gem for nature enthusiasts and conservationists alike. (Distance via Road: 210 km)

Kaziranga National Park (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Kaziranga National Park (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Additional nearby attractions and tourist spots encompass the

Nameri National Park (Distance via Road: 190 km),

Tawang (Distance via Road: 480 km),

Dhala Sadia Setu (Distance via Road: 236 km),

Dambuk (Distance via Road: 257 km), and

Itanagar (Distance via Road: 65 km), among others.